Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan Close Pictures From Dubai Vacation Gone Viral

The Habs actors Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan were recently captured having fun at some of Dubai’s breathtaking places. On social media, the celebrities shared some amusing information about their journey.

Rising star Ushna Shah is a gifted young actress. The 31-year-old is the sister of Isra Ghazal and the offspring of the well-known actress Ismat Tahira.

A model and performer with many skills, Feroze Khan. The 31-year-old actor has made a name for himself with outstanding performances in well-known drama series like Khaani, Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, Ishqiya, Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3, and Ay Mushte Khaak.


All of the serial Habs have recently expressed thanks for the two gifted stars. Fans are going crazy about Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s incredible chemistry.


Recently, both of them were seen spending time together in Dubai’s incredible tourist attractions. Here are a few details about their journey.


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