Tiktoker Maaz Safder shares Pictures from his soulful Umrah journey

With these beautiful and touching pictures from his Umrah trip with his wife and other family members, Maaz Safder is winning our hearts.


We are nearly unable to stop watching Maaz Safder’s vlog, which she also posted. Maaz Safder is a tremendous source of inspiration for all kids. He is one of the most well-known YouTubers.


But before performing Umrah, Maaz Safdar and his family had to deal with a tragic incident. Well, his brother was captured by bandits not far from his home. All of the money and the passport were taken away. Later, Maaz Safder pleaded with the robbers on social media to at least turn over their passports. All of this happened just before leaving for Umrah.

Maaz has taken care to bring his followers on the journey. They are all undeniably incredibly lucky that Allah SWT has extended an invitation to his home to them. Nothing is more tranquil or beautiful than this.


Maaz Safder and his wife are expecting a kid soon. We are in love with these two. We may visit there one day.


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