Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir Cute Pictures with their Daughter in Paris

Recent images of Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan travelling with their daughter. Alyana Falak’s father, Falak Shabir, posted some lovely photos of his daughter. Along with his wife Sarah Khan, sister-in-law Noor Khan, and daughter Alyana Falak, he is travelling.

Sarah Khan’s breakout performance was in the 2015 love film Alvida, starring Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas Naqvi, as a selfish opportunist. She received a nomination for this performance, which was shown on Hum TV. In the same year, she won a prize for best actor in a supporting role for her outstanding performance in the drama Mohabbat Aag Si.

Alyana, a daughter, was bestowed onto Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan in 2021.

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