Saboor Aly and Khushhak Khan Cute Picture

The ongoing drama “Mushkil” has recently received a lot of positive feedback. Saboor Aly and Khushhal Khan are adored by the public. Fans are in awe of the couple and have nothing but praise for them. Aly and Khan appear to be the community’s newest favourite couple.

Mushkil centres on a love triangle and the story of Sameen (Saboor Aly) and Hareem (Zainab Shabbir), two best friends who are tested by a number of obstacles that endanger their bond.


When Hareem’s family makes a hasty decision and she becomes fixated on winning Faraz, things take an unexpected turn. Sameen gets farther into problems while attempting to assist her best friend, leaving her with little choice but to defend her self-respect.

Khushhal Khan, a newcomer, is having a significant impact on the entertainment world. The young actor’s performance in the drama is praised by the audience. People are making all kinds of adorable memes and are extremely fixated on Khushhal Khan and Saboor Aly.



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