Nida and Yasir Shared their Secret Diet Plan and Routine in Latest Vlogs

On their YouTube account Farid Nawaz Production, Nida and Yasir shared their fan’s access to their top-secret diet plan. Nida and Yasir Nawaz’s production company is called Farid Nawaz Production, and that is how they began their Youtube channel.

Yasir and Nida both admitted to dieting to lose weight. Nida Yasir practises intermittent fasting, consuming 700–800 calories per day. With intermittent fasting, you must go without food for at least 16 hours each day and can eat again after that period of time. You can only drink water and juice when fasting; food is not permitted.

Yasir Nawaz is following a straightforward diet plan that limits his daily caloric intake at 1700 and gradually reduces that number over time. Both of them walk every day while dieting.

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