Mashal Khan Controversial Pictures with her Friend went viral

Mashal Khan and Astel Bhatti, a makeup artist, in the Northern Regions. Mashal Khan uploaded images with her friend Astel Bhatti and remarked, You light up every life you enter.

Through it all, you were there. Through all of it—the smiles, the sobs, the rage, the never-ending trips to the hospital. You’ve been my pillar of support, and I’m overjoyed to accompany you on yet another orbit of the sun.



Simply said, it is insufficient to call you my best friend. You are my lifelong buddy as well as my partner in crime and all other endeavours. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without you. You are a true treasure and a stunning human being, and I constantly give thanks to God for bringing you into my life.

The only person I know who will always have my back is you. And you can count on me to always have your back. Birthday greetings.

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