Kiran Tabier Cute Pictures and Messafe for her Daugter Izzah

My dear Izzah, My initial.

I want you to understand how priceless you are to me and always will be. I knew I was in love with you forever the moment I took you in my arms, held your small little hand in mine, felt your warm breath, and saw your lovely eyes. You are my first child and truly, my first of everything. I will do my best to teach you in the years to come, but you have already taught me so much. I’ve learned from you how to be a mother. I learned how to be selfless from you. true love You have shown me that a part of my heart can exist outside of my body. It’s a really dangerous thing, but it’s also very beautiful. Yours truly, Mera Bacha.

Kiran tabier shared new pictures of her daughter . Have a look at those adorable pictures


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