Beautiful pictures of Areeba Habib with her husband in Italy.

Areeba Habib is arguably one of the sexiest models in Pakistan’s fashion business. She has rapidly established an outstanding reputation. She currently resides in Karachi, where she was born into the world.

She has been passionate in exhibiting and the world of entertainment since she was a teenager. She started her demonstrating career in Pakistan after completing her exams.

Ariba is a model from Pakistan who is well-known throughout the world for her exquisite styling skills and alluring appearance. She is a brave model and doesn’t hesitate to wear both Eastern and Western clothing. At the age of 17, she started working as a display artist.

Model Areeba Habib is outstanding. Actress has collaborated with virtually all of Pakistan’s major fashion designers and architecture firms, including HSY, Adnan Pardesi, Deepak Perwani, Frieha Altaf, and others.

She left Karachi and now has a four-year certification from the Asian Style Plan School in Karachi (AIFD). Areeba Habib most recent wedding photo shoot, where she recently appeared as Habib wearing a bridal gown. Actress appears to be the woman of the moment. Dream of the “Umaraz Salon Cosmetics Mission 2021” has been named She Habib.


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