Beautiful pictures of actress Alizeh Shah with her boyfriend have gone viral

The advancement of the business has delivered numerous youthful appearances. Numerous gifted and youngsters have joined the business and are becoming well known. From Arisha Razi Khan, Aima Baig, Ahad Raza Mir and Aleezay Shah we have seen numerous youngsters leaving an imprint in the business with their separate gifts.

One such name that is approaching with incredible speed is of Aleezay Shah. Aleezay Shah is a youthful entertainer and is thoroughly dazzling everybody with her exhibitions and doe-peered toward looks. We have seen her dazzling us with her solid presentation in Ishq Tamasha. She played the hero Rushna otherwise known as Kinza Hashmi’s more youthful sister Palwasha. She is as of now likewise a piece of the show Baandi. Aleezay has done a wedding shoot as of late and she seems to be a genuine marvel. Her eyes truly remove the concentration from all the other things. Here are the photos from her marriage shoot.

Aleezay has completely shaken the two looks. An incredible motivation for all the to-be ladies out there. The pink outfit is making her seem to be a fantasy while the gold and cream one gives an extremely majestic look.


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