Babar Azam and Virat Kohli Pictures went viral before Asia Cup

During a practise session for the Asia Cup 2022, Pakistani captain Babar Azam met and shook hands with Indian batsman Virat Kohli. Social media users are pleased to witness the two foes make friendly eye contact.


The Asia Cup of 2022 is almost approaching. And the tournament’s marquee showdown is just a few days away. The Babar Azam-led Pakistani team travelled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for training.


India’s longtime adversary Pakistan team met them face to face during the preparations. Indian superstar batting Virat Kohli and Pakistani skipper Babar Azam clasped hands. Before their fiercely contested match this Sunday, the two mingled. The Virat and Babar video is spreading like wildfire.

The sportsmanship between these two game champions is being praised by the audience. Some people are simply overjoyed to see the two guys together. After seeing Babar and Virat shake hands, Twitter is popping with amusing comments and memes. Look it up!


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