Ayeza, Ushna and Aima Wore in trend Bold Chick Pants

For the best fashion guidance, we have always looked up to our favourite celebrities. We are aware that no matter what, pants will always be in style because new designs and styles are constantly being developed. The majority of your outfits would be incomplete without elegant pants, and the cherry on top is that we can wear them all year long, regardless of the season.

  • Ayeza khan

Pants in soft colours appeal to Ayeza Khan. The formal boot-cut is undoubtedly at the top. She wore lilac slacks and teamed them with a white-collared top to keep her day out appearance casual but a bit too stylish. Pick something soft like lilac to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe on a sunny day, and don’t forget to tie your plain t-shirt into a knot and grab a pair of your favourite white sneakers.

  • Ayesha omar

The fashion diva who never loses her edge. Every time the fashionista puts her best foot forward in terms of style, she looks stunning. Due to her amusing decision to wear printed pants while keeping the staples in place, Ayesha attracted attention. The actress from Bulbulay accessorised with a light white gown and a white crop top. to maintain a casual atmosphere with a comfortable fit. Beat the heat by donning a blouse that contrasts with the hue of your floral, airy pants.


  • Aima Baig

Since her singer attributes itch, Aima has always had a penchant for leather. In leather pants, Baig looks like a million dollars. It had an unexpected, sassy, and edgy edge thanks to the way she pulled off black matte leather leggings worn with a short black top and boots.

  • Ushna shah

Ushna Shah, a leading figure in fashion, is renowned for making a statement with each garment she dons. Shah donned crochet wide-leg slacks that she styled with a black lace bralette to make them look chic and more modern, giving her a forceful, outspoken appearance.



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