Ayeza Khan Spins Enchantingly In Gorgeous Black Pishwas Pictures

With her recent photos in black pishwas by Sarah Rohale Asghar, the talented diva Ayeza Khan has once again sent tongues wagging. Pakistan’s most well-known celebrity is Ayeza Khan. Because of her incredible acting abilities and endorsement deals with numerous fashion labels, the starlet has won accolades from her fans. Despite being a mother of two children, she continues to fascinate her audience.

The Pyaray Afzal actress also shares some of her shoot photos with other companies in addition to her nice family photos. The diva recently graced our account with seductive photos of her wearing exquisitely embroidered pishwas. We adore how elegantly she spins in this richly adorned outfit, which is ideal for the wedding season.

The tapering bodice of the Siah pishwas beautifully decorated with embroidery and decoration. The vibrant, dip-dyed dupatta enhances the silhouette and gives it a mystical air.

Check out these beautiful clicks!


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