Abdullah Kadwani famed Roohposh shared adorable family pictures

We all enjoy watching show serials on television. It’s possible that it’s a satire, serious, heartfelt, or moral show that we all enjoy watching while doing housework. The entertainers and entertainers engage their audience as much as they can and gain enormous notoriety and fame as a result.

Abdullah Kadwani is arguably Pakistan’s best producer. His production house, seventh Sky Redirection, has been solely responsible for by far the most popular projects broadcasting on Geo, including Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3, Khaani, Ae Musht e Khaak, Dil Awaiz, and Rang Mahal, to name a few models recent endeavours.

Kinza Hashmi is a dumbfounding and most complimented performer in the Pakistani show industry. Her enchanting execution in each adventure is verification of her adaptability and capacity to play out each character going for it.

Haroon Kadwani, the son of Abdullah Kadwani, has been on a constant savaging meeting since his Ruposh theatrics series with Kinza Hashmi began circulating. So much savage git started with its mysteries.


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