Urwa Hocane shows Flexibility in her new Yoga Photos in Gym Suite

Urwa Tul Wusqua, better known as Urwa Hocane, is a well-known Pakistani model, performer, and VJ. She was born on July 2, 1991, in Islamabad, Pakistan. She was the daughter of a Pakistan Equipped power official, which explains why she spent a significant portion of her life moving around Pakistan.

Urwa Hocane is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most talented entertainers and models. Because of her regular acting, she has been influencing people for quite some time. There are no two opinions on this. She can effortlessly perform a wide range of tasks.

Urwa Hocane is a highly fruitful Entertainer in the Pakistani show Industry, She is the most famous and lovely Youthful Entertainer, Urwa Hocane assumes each part Sure or pessimistic in dramatisations yet she generally assumes pessimistic part because her Character is closer to in Bad job.


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