Sahir Lodhi in never seen before Pictures with his wife

When asked who is the senior of you two, Sahir Lodhi replied, “I am more experienced in age, but he is the oldest of everyone in the house because everyone in the house submits to him.” According to his sister Shaista Lodhi, Sahir is also adored by his mother, and his family could do without him to such an extent.

Shaista and Sahir Lodhi are siblings who work in Pakistan’s entertainment industry and are exceptionally talented. For a long time, the two VIPs have hosted morning shows on various private TV stations and have also appeared in a number of well-known dramatisation series.

Sahir Lodhi, a 50-year-old entertainer and model, is regarded as one of Pakistan’s senior entertainers. Shaista Lodhi, the popular Morning Show host, is his senior sibling. He obviously doesn’t need to make a presentation.


The well-known specialist is also a prominent showbiz entertainer who works in drama and television. Shaista Lodhi is becoming more gleaming with age. She is approaching the age of 50, and she currently appears more adorable and youthful as a result of her high wellness level.


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