Ahmed Ali Butt shared cool pictures with her wife from Dubai Tour

Ahmad Ali Butt is not only a fantastic performer and entertainer, but also a good friend and godly father. He shared these wonderful photos on social media, making sure to compliment his wife and child. He knows how to keep your married life full of tones and excitement.

Ahmed Ali Butt is a Pakistani comedian, host, and entertainer. He is also the grandson of legendary artist Noor Jahan and the son of her adoring daughter Zile Huma. He began his career in music as a member of the band Substance Worldview (EP) as an entertainer and rapper.

Last year, comedian Ahmed Ali Butt surprised his fans by becoming more fit. Furthermore, he has grown more intelligent and attractive than at any other time in his life. Furthermore, many of you may be unaware that he is the son of well-known and talented Pakistani vocalist Zile Huma.


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