Hira Mani cute BOXING pictures with her husband

Hira Mani is an exquisite and capable Pakistani performer who entered the showbiz business despite having two children and became popular due to her difficult work and capacity. Hira Mani’s real name is Hira Salman, but because her significant other Salman is known as Mani, she is also known as Hira Mani.

Hira Mani has made significant progress since the beginning of her career. She began by assisting her significant other Salman Sheik, also known as Mani, and later switched to acting. She is currently one of the best entertainers on Pakistani television, and we see her in a variety of projects.

Hira Mani is a well-known entertainer in Pakistan. She is the wife of Salman Sheik, also known as Mani, a popular host and entertainer. Two or three have appeared in a number of dramatisations together and have facilitated various shows.

Mani’s real name is Salman Saqib Sheik, and he is a well-known Pakistani television entertainer, host, and politician. Mani is better known for his comic characters. Hira and Mani married in 2008, and they currently have two children named Muddassir and Muzammil.

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