Nida Yasir admitted using Whitenning Injections and revealed the secret of her beauty

Nida Yasir recently, appeared on a talk show and spilled some beans about her changed complexion.

Nida Yasir’s legendary morning broadcasts are commanding the airwaves, and her fan base has risen dramatically since her humble beginnings. She holds a good standing in the entertainment sector as a result of her conversational and easygoing personality. People are, nevertheless, quite interested in learning the key to her rich lifestyle and eternal beauty.

Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir recently appeared on a talk programme and revealed some beans about her changing complexion, for those who are curious.

Nida was asked in an interview about her before and after photos, which are pretty different. Her skin tone has changed from wheatish to fair. The Good Morning Pakistan anchor admitted that she didn’t always take care of her skin or follow a skincare routine in her early performing days.

Pakistani Actresses Who Got Skin Whitening Treatments Done! - Style.Pk

However, as awareness grew, she recognised how critical it is to take care of her skin as she grows older. Yasir went on to say that she has started taking glutathione injections and has started following correct skin regimens, both of which have greatly improved her skin.

Unseen Photos of Nida Yasir Without Makeup - Showbiz Pakistan

Along with her husband Yasir Nawaz and his younger brother-in-law Danish Nawaz, she worked in the comedy-drama serial Nadaaniyan, which became a great smash. She was also a co-producer on the serials Nadaaniyan and Baal Baal Bachgaye. Wrong Number, a comedic film by Nida, was also released.

Watch Nadaaniyaan | Prime Video

Watch Nadaaniyaan | Prime Video


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