Dua Zehra has Recently the very popular Character on Social Media She is very Young Girl who got married with her Love and Living a Peaceful Life and Has an Amazing Life Style. Dua Zehar Parents Claim that her Daughter was Missed and Someone kidnapped her.

However, she went ahead with her own consent and married Zaheer. They are both in love with each other. Dua and Zaheer Meet on an Online Gaming Platform and Decide to Spend the Rest of Their Lives Together.

Now, following this incident, they are both officially prepared for her first interview, in which she explains why she ran for Married to Zaheer. Check out some photos and the interview story.

Dua Zehra vanished from her Karachi home, and the case enraged the entire country. Dua has approached since then, married to Zaheer Ahmed from Punjab.

The couple and Dua’s parents are fighting in court over Dua’s age and the marriage’s legitimacy. Dua’s father and mother are dissenting and requesting that the rest of society join them.

Dua Zehra is a teen girl who left her home two months before her wedding to marry the child she adored the most. Her parents searched for her all over the place after she vanished, and they were in a truly hopeless situation. Several media outlets contacted Dua’s father to learn more about their daughter’s situation.

Dua Zehra’s court appearances have been thoroughly scrutinised. Since the beginning, the media, members of the general public, and the internet have been keeping a close eye on all of the trials. Many people speculated about Dua, assuming she was kidnapped or that the mafia forced her to give articulations under any circumstances.


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