Ramiz Raja Most Beautiful Photos With Family

According to different news outlets, Rameez Raja, a former player and commentator, is being considered for the position of head of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Rameez Raja was born in Faisalabad on August 14, 1962.

Because he holds an MBA from Aitchison College, Lahore’s premier university. Rameez Raja is not the only Rapne family member who has played cricket; his elder brother and father have also done so.

I am the youngest of the group. Rameez Raja began playing cricket in 1978, however he was unable to make an impact at the time. In March 1984, he was given the opportunity to play international cricket, but he only managed to score one run in each innings against England. Rameez Raja became a senior player as a result of the sudden retirement of numerous cricketers and his many years of expertise.

Rameez, on the other hand, excelled in the 1987 and 1992 World Cups, winning the hearts of the supporters. Rameez Raja, on the other hand, retired after playing his final match against India in 1997, although he kept his wonderful personality. Rameez has spoken on a number of cricket series as a result of this. Umbereen Rameez Raja is Rameez Raja’s wife.


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