Tooba Amir shares some old pictures with Ex – Husband

Aamir Liaquat at last stands in opposition to his separation from Syeda Tooba. The insight about Amir Liaqat and Syeda Tooba’s separation spread like quickly.

At the point when the tales started to spread, Aamir Liaquat posted a video showing Syeda Tobia at his home with Amir Liaquat, in which he said thanks to Amir Liaquat for assisting him with tracking down his lost feline.

syeda tuba aamir

With this video, Aamir Liaqat prevents the tales from getting his separation from Syeda Tooba and says (this is as yet my significant other). Syeda Tobia’s web-based entertainment profile has been taken out and renamed after her dad, as per Aamir Liaquat, who makes sense of why ladies eliminate their dad’s name from their name after marriage and supplant it with their better half’s name.

There have been tales about Aamir Liaquat and his second spouse Syeda Tobia Aamir separating, which he has denied, yet presently the startling change has created new issues, as per entertainer Syeda Tooba’s online entertainment account. By changing the name, I astonished everybody.

The pride of Indian warriors has been decreased to tidy, as per online entertainment.

Tobia changed her name from “Syeda Tobia Amir” to “Syeda Tooba Anwar” subsequent to eliminating her significant other’s name from her Instagram profile and adding her dad’s name.

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