Tooba Amir shares some memorable pictures with Ex Husband

Aamir Liaquat finally speaks out about his divorce from Syeda Tooba. The news of Amir Liaqat and Syeda Tooba’s divorce spread like wildfire.

When the rumours began to spread, Aamir Liaquat posted a video showing Syeda Tobia at his house with Amir Liaquat, in which he thanked Amir Liaquat for helping him find his lost cat.

With this video, Aamir Liaqat denies the rumours of his divorce from Syeda Tooba and says (this is still my wife). Syeda Tobia’s social media profile has been removed and renamed after her father, according to Aamir Liaquat, who explains why women remove their father’s name from their name after marriage and replace it with their husband’s name.

I’m glad Tooba agreed to my philosophy and renamed her father after herself at my request. Amir Liaqat also mentioned Syeda Tobia’s next project, revealing that she was the daughter of her friend Behrooz Sabzwari’s son Shahrooz Sabzwari.

They are collaborating and are ecstatic for both of them, praying for their success.

On social media, rumours of Aamir Liaquat’s reported separation from his second wife, Syeda Tooba Amir, are circulating.

There have been rumours about Aamir Liaquat and his second wife Syeda Tobia Aamir splitting up, which he has denied, but now the unexpected change has generated new issues, according to actress Syeda Tooba’s social media account. By changing the name, I surprised everyone.

The pride of Indian soldiers has been reduced to dust, according to social media.

Tobia changed her name from “Syeda Tobia Amir” to “Syeda Tooba Anwar” after removing her husband’s name from her Instagram profile and adding her father’s name.

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