Daughter of Salma Agha Sara Khan’s Greatest Hits

You may be familiar with Salma Agha, who created a name for herself in India and Pakistan for her acting and voice magic, but now it’s time to welcome her daughter Sasha Agha to the art world. His debut film, ‘Aurangzeb,’ will be released on May 17 under the umbrella of Yash Raj Pictures, and one of his songs from the film, ‘Barbadian,’ has also been released.

Sasha Agha not only acted in her first picture like her mother, but she also invoked the magic of voice, proving that she is Salma Agha’s daughter.

“I was born into a family where music is the backbone,” Sasha stated in an interview with Glam Shem, an Indian cinema website. I acquired the fundamentals of singing from my mother, and I hope to never forget it, therefore I will continue to sing in films.

Music is in my blood, Sasha adds. My uncles Sajid and Wajid are well-known musicians. Natasha Khan, an English songwriter, is my step sister. Jagal Kishore Mehra was my grandfather’s uncle, as was Raj Kapoor, who married Anwari Begum, a well-known vocalist at the time.


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