Yumna Zaidi Family Pictures with Her Mother, Father, Sister

Yumna Zaidi is one of Pakistan’s most gorgeous actresses today. In the entertainment sector, her work ethic makes her a great asset. She made her acting debut in 2012 and has since participated in a number of television drama series. Yumna Zaidi’s family, including her mother, father, sister, and brother, will be introduced to us today. Like her mother, she is lovely and caring.

Yumna Zaidi Family

Yumna Zaidi and her family live in Karachi. She was born and reared in Lahore, Pakistan, on July 30, 1989. Her ancestors were from a Punjabi-speaking household. But, while she was only starting her profession, she moved to Karachi with her entire family.

Yumna Zaidi Family

Yumna Zaidi with her brother and sister

Yumna is the daughter of a Muslim family. Her desire to work in show business derives from the fact that she is the first in her family to do so. She earned a master’s degree in interior design. She then began her first job as a radio jockey.

Yumna Zaidi with her brother

Eldest sister of Yumna Zaidi

All three sisters in one picture

Yumna started her acting career in 2012 as a supporting actress. Thakan was her debut drama series, which broadcast on ARY Digital. She has established herself as one of the most popular drama actors on television. She’s played a wide range of roles in anything from social dramas to romances, and she’s gained a devoted following. Yumna’s admirers adore her, and many of them want to know more about her family, including her mother, sisters, and brothers. What did we discover in the Yumna Zaidi family tree?

Her father Zamindar Zaidi

Her mother Shabana Naheed Zaidi

All sisters with their mother Shabana Naheed Zaidi


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