Asad And Nimra Ready To Become Parents

Asad and Nimra are a young pair who are getting married at the tender age of 18. Both live happy lives and spread a positive message in the community encouraging parents to marry their children at a young age to avoid situations like Dua in our culture.

They were well-known as a result of their young age at which they married and the good reaction of their parents and society. In most cases, our society forbids youthful love marriages, especially before they have completed their studies. However, when this pair married with their judicious parents’ permission, they went viral.

Asad is frequently seen on his TikTok account, where he records vlogs with his lovely wife. In a video, he showed off his entire magnificent home. There were numerous rooms and sitting spaces where he worked on various projects. Asad’s parents are concerned about his future, which is why they are always concerned about both teenagers’ university routines.

They recently shared some exciting news with their audience, announcing that they will soon become parents. Their supporters were ecstatic to hear the news and reacted warmly. All of Nimra’s fans are wishing her and her baby good health.


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