Beautiful Mehwish Hayat Celebrating her Birthday with her Friend

Mehwish Hayat is a major and rock legend in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Mehwish has worked on a number of successful projects in the drama industry, and she is now 33 years old, and she is spending her birthday with one of her closest showbiz friends.

She is a Lahore native who worked alongside Legend Star Humayun Saeed in Mehwish Hayat Dil Lagi, one of Mehwish’s most popular and highest-rated dramas. This play received the highest score. The film business was grooming after the success of this play.

Mehwish did her movie Punjab Nahi Jaun Gi with Humayun Saeed and this Movie earned the highest box office in the history of the Pakistan Films Industry. The Acting was outstanding in this Project. After the success of this Movie.

in 2019 the Movie load Wedding sign by Mehwish Hayat working with her favorite actor Fahad Mustafa but unfortunately people don’t like to see this movie because Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2 was also released as a competitor of load Wedding.

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