Sadia Imam shares pics with her daughter

Sadia Imam is a well-known actress and model from the 1990s who is still recognized in the entertainment business for her talent and outstanding performance. Sadia Imam has the distinction of being Pakistan’s oldest actress.

She entered the showbiz sector when there were only a few actresses, mostly in the single digits, and there was a period when the drama couldn’t be finished without her.

Sadia Imam has always been a woman of discipline in the workplace, as well as a true patriot to her homeland of Pakistan.

She left the showbiz field because she saw that the industry was becoming more inventive, and that we should constantly support fresh rising talent. With that in mind, she also withdrew from working in dramas.

In the year 2012, Sadia Imam married Adnan Haider, a well-known chef.

Adnan Haider is mostly out of the nation due to his hectic schedule and business obligations.

Sadia and her daughter Meerab, as well as her in-laws, continue to reside in Pakistan.

Sadia Imam is a great beauty and a true skill.

You may watch her past dramas on YouTube, and you can also rewatch her plays on Pakistani networks. Despite the fact that Sadia Imam’s age is increasing by the day, her appearance and beauty make her appear to be a youngster.



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