Mahnoor Baloch is still young and beautiful

Mahnoor Baloch is an American born Pakistani actress.She was born on 15 feb 1970 and is 53 years old now. Mahnoor made her debut in an drama serial on PTV named Marvi in 1993. Mahnoor is considered as one of the most successful showbiz actresses in the industry.

Mahnoor has also worked in the Lollywood films with Famous actor Humayun Saeed. She is also a model and has worked with almost every clothing brand which is in Pakistan and in other countries also because nature has given her a beautiful face that people dont want to miss the opportunity.

Mahnoor is famous because of her looks and fitness. You wont believe that she is 53 years old but still looks like that she is 25 or 30 and still unmarried, but no this is not the reality.She is 53 years old and she is also a grandmother.

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