Deepika Padukone wore Necklace With ‘Fi Amaan Allah’written On It

On the necklace of Deepika Padukone is written Fi Amanullah. Do you feel the same way when you see this necklace? Take a closer look. This picture of Deepika is going viral on social media and all eyes are on her necklace with this magnificent necklace. If you take a closer look at this necklace, you will see Amanullah written on a white stone on the necklace.

Deepika also wore a beautiful shirt and pants designed by Indian designer Sabyasachi and a necklace emblazoned with antique Indian jewelery for the press meet of Cannes 2022 World Film Festival.

The clothes and jewelery that Deepika has chosen so far are all unique and beautiful designs and she mostly likes jewelry made by Sabyasachi. This is the first time he has been criticized for any reason. This necklace is taken from the collection of Topic of Calcutta.

The Pakistani price is Rs 17 lakh. While social media users are praising her, it is also being said that if Deepika understood Arabic then maybe she would not have chosen this necklace and if Allah’s name is written on this necklace then other people present in the film festival. Why didn’t the technical staff from Arab make that clear?

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