Latest clicks of Iqra Aziz with her son in Turkey.

Iqra Aziz requires no introduction; everybody who follows Pakistani drama knows who she is. She is an actress and model who earned a name for herself in a short period of time because to her exuberant confidence and excellent acting abilities. She has worked on some of the most significant projects.

Abdul Aziz is Iqra Aziz’s father’s name. Iqra first saw her father when she was three years old because he used to work in Saudi Arabia and was unable to visit when she was born. As a child, Iqra Aziz believed that her mother, sister, taya, taye, and cousins were her sole family.

Aasiya Aziz is Iqra’s mother. When Iqra Aziz was born, her mother was not overjoyed to learn that she had given birth to a daughter. She wanted a son because she already had a girl and this was her second child after 6 years with her first. Their friendship got deeper over time, and Iqra Aziz now feels closer to her mother than she does to her sister.

Sidra Aziz, Iqra’s older sister, is Iqra’s older sister. She has lived in Malaysia on her own for a long time, which has made her more practical and worldly wise. Sidra Aziz is a master’s student at a German university. Iqra Aziz also revealed that while living alone away from family has been difficult for her sister, it has brought her more courage and helped build her great personality.

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