Latest family photos of Sahiba and Rambo.

Sahiba and Afzal Khan (Rambo) are two notable Pakistani film actors who have made a name for themselves and achieved fame at a young age thanks to their outstanding performances and popular projects. Sahiba left the glamor world to spend more time with her family and children after the pair married in 1997.

The duo is still adorably cute and happily married. Sahiba and Afzal Khan kept their children away from the showbiz industry’s fame and glitter. Their children never posed with their parents in front of the camera. Sahiba also stated in one of her vlogs that their children do not want to be the center of attention simply because their parents are celebrities.

The pair were sighted vacationing with their children a few days ago, followed by Rea Mommar’s engagement. They were photographed with their parents, Sahiba and Afzal Khan. For the first time, Sahiba and Afzal Khan have shared photos of themselves with their children. Sahiba Khan has uploaded photos of herself with her sons, Zain and Ahsan Khan. “It is a pleasure to witness your children grow up in front of you,” she added. Afzal Khan also tweeted a lovely photo of himself and Ahsan with the comment, “like father, like son.”

Sahiba and Rambo are two diverse and well-known actors in our field who rose to prominence at an early age. Sahiba left the entertainment industry after the pair married in 1997. The couple has two boys together. Sahiba and Rambo run the “Lifestyle with Sahiba” YouTube channel, which has amassed thousands of subscribers in a short period.

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