Handsome Actor Syed Jibran Beautiful Pictures with Her Wife

Syed Jibran was born in Jhelum on October 14, 1979. He is a stunning and gifted actor. As a result, he became well-known in the entertainment sector in a short amount of time.

Syed Jibran is a well-known model and television actor. Syed Jibran has a large fan base, and his admirers want to be kept up to date on what is going on in his life. This area contains the most recent Syed Jibran news, articles, and images. Syed Jibran controversies, gossip, film reviews, and forthcoming films can all be found here.

The actress Syed Jibran has been married for ten years. He celebrated his wife Afifa Gibran’s 9th wedding anniversary by posting photos from the event on social media.

Syed Jibran debuted in the acting world in 2001 with the Pakistani television drama series “Hook,” and since then he has appeared in a number of dramas. These days, Syed Gibran’s drama serials “Dilrba” and “Tarp”

Imran Abbas’ marriage rumours are made fun of by Syed Jibran.


On YouTube, well-known showbiz actor Syed Jibran responded to rumours about Imran Abbas’ marriage with a funny comment.

“Aliza, Saboor, Ushna, and Urwah have become four,” Syed Jibran said in response to Imran Abbas’s article. “I believe your Shariah quota has been met.”

It should be noted that actor Imran Abbas was enraged by people who married for the fourth time in order to experiment with new techniques of ranking and showing YouTube videos. Imran Abbas stated, “I have no other employment,” referring to his fourth marriage since January 2021.

He had requested that followers subscribe to all such YouTube channels, as well as quit following blogs and other media pages, so that these folks may enjoy themselves as well. Ushna Shah, an actress, has also commented to the actor’s remark, but social media users claim that Syed Gibran’s comment robbed the fair.


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