Hareem Shah Performed Umrah with her Husband

Despite being summoned in the alleged money laundering case in Pakistan, Tik Takri Hareem Shah is present in Saudi Arabia these days, where he had the privilege of performing Umrah with his husband.

Hareem keeps fans and followers informed of her activities on social media platforms wherever she is.

Even during the payment of Umrah, keep sharing the fresh views of the Holy Land and make tick-tock videos with your husband.

Watch - TikToker Hareem Shah performs Umrah with husband Bilal Shah

Most of the people who saw Bilal Shah in the videos questioned whether he had shaved or cut his hair, which was explained by Hareem Shah.

In a video message shared on Instagram, Hareem says that Bilal has been blessed with Umrah twice before and it is obligatory to shave his head in the first Umrah.

Hareem Shah, who has gained access to government houses and is famous for her pictures with famous politicians, has made an entry on OTT platform with Urdu Flex web series Razse.

Hareem had also claimed to have married a PPP leader on June 28, 2021 without revealing her identity. Later, she introduced her husband Bilal who came forward as a party worker.

Hareem shared photos of her husband with Chairman PP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and said that my husband is very close to both of them.

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