Adorable photos of Momal Sheikh with her kids.

Momal Sheikh is a phenomenal actress and television producer in Pakistan. She is a fantastic performer, as well as the daughter of renowned actor Javed Sheikh and the sister of another phenomenal actor, Shahzad Sheikh. In addition to acting, she is also seen doing various modelling tasks for fashion designers and stylists. She’s also seen in Bollywood’s “Happy Bhaag Jayegi.” Some of her most well-known theatre projects are “Yaariyan,” “Silsilay,” “Kadurat,” “Mujhe Khuda pe yaqeen hai,” and “Mushk.” Nadir Nawaz is Momal Sheikh’s husband. The couple’s children are a boy and a girl.

Momal Sheikh shared a lovely photoshoot she did with her children at a wedding occasion. Let’s have a look at these gorgeous photos of Momal Sheikh and her family.

Momal Sheikh is a brilliant and attractive Pakistani actress who has been in several successful dramas, such as Mujhey Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hay, Jaal, and Mushk.

Momal Sheikh is from a showbiz family, and her father, Javed Sheikh, is one of Pakistan’s most senior artists. Her brother, uncles, and cousin are also actors, and we frequently meet them on various projects. Momal began acting in dramas after her marriage, and she is the mother of two children.

Keeping fit is an important aspect of being on television, and it isn’t always simple. Momal Sheikh revealed she had to put a lot of effort into herself after having children because it is difficult for her to lose weight. She also stated that she was never been a skinny girl, although all of her cousins and friends were thin. Momal revealed she uses intermittent fasting to reduce weight and that it has significantly aided her in reaching her target weight. She revealed she hasn’t changed her Ramadan regimen.

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