Beautiful Photoshoot of Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza sister Alishba Anjum

Jannat Mirza is one of Pakistan’s most well-known tik tok stars. She resides in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad. Her humorous video clips and lip syncs have made her famous. She is a really skilled girl who is the most popular on tiktok.

She has already surpassed 7.2 million followers and millions of likes to become Pakistan’s most popular tik toker. She was a student at Arts College and had recently relocated to Japan for educational purposes. She is renowned for her mesmerising beauty and exceptional talent.

Alishba Anjum is a well-known Pakistani Tik Tok star. She is most known for her comedic video clips and lip-sync performances on TikTok ( Her Instagram is where she usually posts her current clothing and modelling photos. She’s even received the prestigious badge for being a top TikTok comic.

The lovely sisters shared some of their recent photos from their most recent photo shoot, for which they earned a lot of praise. We wish them the best of luck and continued success in the future!!!


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