Stunning photographs from the wedding of Pakistani singer Natasha Noorani.

Natasha Noorani is a playback vocalist, singer-songwriter, and voice-over performer. Noorani, who has been missing from social media recently, revealed that she had been working on a special collaboration on Saturday (April 2), when she took to Instagram to announce that she had married. Natasha Noorani announced her marriage in an Instagram photo that took the internet by surprise, as no one saw it coming.

“Sorry for being MIA,” she explained. “I was working on the best collaboration of my life.” In an Instagram post, the singer shared photographs of her wedding festivities. Take a peek at the lovely photos.

Natasha Noorani began performing regularly when she was 14 years old, and she has been making music since 2014. Natasha has been working as a musician and music manager/curator on her own for the past six years. Noorani, who is trained in khayal gayaki, was the sole Pakistani to get a Goethe Talents Scholarship in 2019. Noorani’s debut EP, “Munaasib,” was published in 2018, and it showcased her vast range as a singer-songwriter, incorporating R&B, neo-soul, and progressive rock influences. Strings, Biryani Brothers, Ali Suhail, Sikandar Ka Mandar, and Gentle Robot are among the Pakistani artists with whom Noorani has collaborated.

Noorani is also heavily involved in the Pakistani music industry, having co-founded Lahore Music Meet (LMM), South Asia’s largest music festival and symposium, in 2015. The multi-faceted musician and ethnomusicologist released recently her latest track, “Trace. Ali Suhail recorded and produced trace, written by Orani,. Noorani’s other song, “Baby Baby,” which she recorded for Velo Sound Station 2020, is also becoming more popular on social media.

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