Tiktoker Dr Madiha Celebrate the 2M Followers on her Instagram Acount

Dr. Madiha celebrated her birthday at the beach in a lovely arrangement. At her birthday celebration, she was joined by her close friends and family. We should have a look at the photos from her birthday party on the beach.

The attractive smile young lady marries MJ Ahsan, a computerised manufacturer as well. The couple’s wedding took place toward the end of December 2021. Because the two of them are well-known for nibble records and TikTok, their fantastic wedding will be talked about for a long time.

“VictorNaz” composed the music, while “Steve Naz” wrote the verses for this new melody. Dr. Madiha and MJ Ahsan are featured in the video. BOL Beats is responsible for the video.

The adorable couple is well-known for their records and photographs together. They are genuine two or three ambitions, and many people admire and respect them. The couple just went to Umrah together. A few supporters are kept up to date via online entertainment.

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