Stunning photos from the engagement of actress Aruba Mirza.

Aruba Mirza is a Pakistani film and television actress. Aruba is a stunning, youthful, and rising star in the Pakistani entertainment business. Aruba is the sole one working in the field and comes from a non-industrial background. She begins her career as a model but eventually switches to acting. Mirza has been in a number of dramas in both supporting and major roles. Her acute facial features endear her to the audience, giving her a captivating personality and acting abilities.

Aruba began acting in 2014 and has since appeared in a number of dramas, including Shahrukh Ki Salian, Behkay Qadam, Sotan, Dolly Darling, and others. Among her many dramas, she is well known for her performance in the drama series Rang Mehal. Aruba played an adversary named Hajra in the drama.

After Rang Mahal, Aruba and Humayun Ashraf became popular on screen pair. So she’ll be back with Humayun in her new drama series, Inteqam. Geo TV broadcasts both Inteqam and Rang Mahal. Recently, the stunning actress was engaged to Haris Suleman, a non-artistic couple.

Abdul Samad Zia, a well-known Pakistani photographer, shot the beautiful couple’s baat-pakki session. At both her engagement and baat-pakki celebrations, she looked stunning. Her modest and gorgeous shoot has a lot of fans drooling.

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