Saba Faisal all dolled up as a bride in Good Morning Pakistan Show.

In the Nida Yasir Morning Show, actress Saba Faisal plays a bride. Saba Faisal is a veteran Pakistani drama actress who has appeared in dozens of films. Today’s presentation featured bridal makeup by Rabia Anum Salon, in which Rabia Anum presented her bridal makeover and different salon services, and she was invited by Nida Yasir in her morning show on Ary Digital.

Rabia Anum is a well-known news anchor who also owns and operates the Rabia Anum Salon in Lahore and Karachi. Nida Yasir’s morning show today featured her salon services and bridal makeup on a variety of Pakistani celebrities, including Saba Faisal.

Saba Faisal is a former newscaster and experienced actor. She began her work as a news anchor when she was a teenager and left after getting married. Saba returned to work years after her wedding and has been a fixture on television ever since. Her well-known dramas include “Humsafar,” “Dur-e-shehwar,” “Ghalati,” and the currently airing series “Ghisi Pitti Mohabbat.”Her daughter “Sadia Faisal” has exhibited her essence of skill on the television screen after her successful debut in dramas.

Rabia Anum is a well-known Pakistani pundit who has worked for prestigious news organizations such as ARY News and GEO News. Rabia Anum is one of the most well-known female figures in the Pakistani media sector. After a long period of hard work, Rabia ascended through the ranks of advancement and became a well-known name in the news industry. Although there are many female news journalists at the moment, Rabia is one of the most prominent. Rabia Anum got married in 2017. Rabia Anum recently announced on her Instagram account that she had given birth to a newborn boy.

A rising star in Pakistan’s entertainment business is trying hard to make a name for herself. Shehzeen has played minor roles in several popular television shows. Whether it’s a positive or negative role, Shehzeen knows how to adapt to it. Shehzeen Rahat, who married Shoaib Lashari in 2021, tied the knot at a magnificent wedding ceremony. 

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