Sarah and Noor Zafar Khan’s sister, Aisha Khan, tied the knot.

Sarah Khan’s sister, Aisha Khan, is getting married. Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir shared a photo from a wedding celebration today with the caption, “Meri Sister Di Wedding.” They didn’t say whether it was Aisha Zafar Khan or Noor Zafar Khan. Sarah Khan’s elder sister, Aisha Khan,’s wedding has finally been confirmed.

Someone on Instagram inquired about Sarah’s sister’s wedding, to which Falak Shabir responded the groom was from London and the wedding would take place in the mountains, making it a destination wedding.

Nilofer Shahid presents Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan in this enchanting depiction of a developing romance based on the wonderful song “Sapnay,” which was published a few days ago by Falak Shabir. With magnificent ensembles and a symphony to die for, we bring this amazing vision to life.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir married in July 2020 and have since become one of the country’s most adored couples. Alyana Falak, the couple’s gorgeous baby girl, was born to them. We recently sighted together Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir on the set of “Good Morning Pakistan.”

“Respect is the most crucial thing in a relationship,” Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir said in their message to the young couples. “Regardless of the circumstances, a man should take care of his relationship. Girls are emotionally and physically sensitive, so it is a husband’s job to treat his wife well,” Falak Shabir remarked.

“Before getting married, a couple should comprehend each other’s differences,” Sarah Khan continued. “Above all, patience is the key to a successful life; if you have patience, you will never fail.”


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