Lovely photos of senior actress Sadia Imam from a wedding event.

Last night, Sadia Imam attended a wedding event. At a wedding reception, Sadia Imam showed her most recent photos with her friends. Sadia Imam, her daughter, and her in-laws currently live in Karachi. Sadia Imam moved to Germany with her spouse, although she is currently based in Karachi because of employment.

Alia Imam’s younger sister, Sadia Imam, is an actress. In 2012, she married Adnan Haidar, a Pakistani entrepreneur based in Germany. Meerab, their first child, was born in 2015.

Sadia Imam appeared in several Pakistani dramas during her career, and she was a well-known drama actress at the time. She worked in dramas and presented shows on many channels following her marriage. Samma k Mehman was her most well-known show.

At the beginning of the industry, Sadia Imam was a big name in acting. Sadia has made a lot of successful dramas for the industry. Sadia is currently unfit because of being overweight. A lot of her fans are in the entertainment industry. Nida Yasir recently invited Sadia Imam to her show with her family. Sadia Imam is just 41 years old in 2021, and she also has a faithful life partner, Adnan Haidar, with whom she has been married for about ten years and with whom she is leading a happy life. 

Sadia Imam has a large following of admirers. Aside from that, she was recognized by the Lux Style Grant Service as the Best Entertainer in the Main Job Satellite for her breakout performance in the show sequence “Dohr,” which aired on ARY in 2007.

Since she was a child, Sadia has been enamored with the entertainment industry. When Sadia was younger, she began her career. She began listening to the radio while she was in sixth grade. Sadia conducted a photo shoot with famed photographers Nabila and Tapu Javeri when she was 16 years old.

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