Photos of Nadia Khan with her in-laws.

Nadia Khan pays her first visit to her mother-in-law. Faisal’s family ke saath–went to Islamabad for the first time to see my in-laws (Sasural)… Guess what I needed to prepare for the traditional meetha? Out Style with Nadia, Khan’s YouTube channel, shared a video of her first visit to her in-laws in Islamabad with her husband, Faisal Mumtaz, on her first visit to her in-laws in Islamabad with her husband.

Last year, in December 2020, Nadia Khan married Faisal Mumtaz, which was both Nadia and Faisal’s second marriage. Faisal Mumtaz is a retired Pakistan Air Force officer. His father, Mumtaz Hamid Rao, was a journalist who worked for the Pakistan Television Network and was also the founder of the channel.

Nadia Khan is an actress and one of the most well-known morning show hosts. Nadia Khan is reported to be a morning show trend-setter. is the name of Nadia Khan’s YouTube channel. The channel has since developed into a family blog and vlog, with Nadia Khan continuing to submit videos from her daily life. When Nadia Khan married Faisal Rao, she became a household name.

Nadia Khan gave her fans and followers a tour of the city. Nadia Khan is a stunning actress and anchor in the Pakistani media. Nadia is credited with becoming the first woman to host a morning show in the contemporary era. There are over a million subscribers to Nadia’s account on the video-sharing website.

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