Some Pakistani celebrities who lost their fathers.

One of the most intimate and heartfelt connections in the world is between fathers and their children. In fact, fathers are a rock for their sons and daughters. No matter how old their children become, their fathers remain their idols.

It’s difficult to go through life without one or both of your parents. Many of our entertainment icons, like many of us, have lost their fathers. Some of them openly shared their difficulties after their fathers died, while others kept them hidden. We’ve compiled a list of Lollywood celebrities who have lost their fathers.

Hania Amir

Hania Amir, a Pakistani actress, made her debut in Janan, a Pakistani feature film. Hania’s work was lauded, and she was nominated for a Lux Award for his performance.

Yumna Zaidi

On social media, a video of well-known actress Yumna Zaidi expressing her feelings in words has gone viral. Yumna Zaidi has previously posted such videos on Instagram, winning the hearts of her admirers with her written poetry.

Maya Ali

Maya began to notice various changes in herself after the demise of her father. In the meantime, Maya continued her studies. But Maya had severe seizures. The doctors would give her a tablet to place under her tongue at graduation. “My father used to catch me since it was that bad, and then therapy began for my treatment,” Maya said.

Agha Ali

After performing, leading Pakistani actor and host Agha Ali is now ready to try his hand at directing. Agha Ali’s father recently passed away, and he announced the sad news on his Instagram with his fans.

Iqra Aziz

In interviews, Iqra Aziz, who has been in several successful series, frequently discusses interesting aspects of her life with her admirers. When asked about her birth, Iqra said that her mother was a son when she was born. Iqra claims that his mother was Karachi’s first percolator driver. Iqra’s mother instilled boldness in his girls and ensured that they had a place in society. When asked about her father, Iqra stated her father passed away when she was born.

Sarah and Noor Zafar Khan

Sara Khan and Noor Zafar Khan’s father, Zafarullah Khan, passed away suddenly a week ago, leaving both sisters without a father. How many social media users attempted to express their sorrow at this awful loss? Sara Khan shared a teaser for one of her dramas on social media yesterday, prompting followers to yell out Al-Aman and Hafeez.

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Aiman and Minal Khan

Mubeen Khan, Aiman and Manal Khan’s father, was frequently featured in both actresses’ social media posts. It may be remembered that the father of Pakistani television stars Sara Khan and Noor Zafar Khan died in Karachi on December 25.

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