Mathira shares her new beautiful pictures

Mathira is well-known for her striking fashion sense. In Pakistan, he has a strong image. During a recent online programme, he discussed himself and Pakistani politics.

Mathira was a guest on an online show when she was asked, “What is peace?” As a result, Mathira responded that the only way to find serenity is to remember the Lord.

If everyone is happy, one of the goals of my life is to please the Lord. The world is following in your footsteps as you please the Lord. Mathira was asked by the host to offer some recommendations to the current government and Prime Minister Imran Khan. You, too, are jittery.

When it comes to Pakistani politics, Mathira believes that Musharraf’s tenure and that of Asif Zardari following him were considerably better. When asked who his favourite politician is, Mathira responded Bilawal Bhutto. We shall reach a point when we will be able to lead effectively.

According to private television sources According to Geo News, actress Roz Mohammad recently appeared on a private TV show alongside her sister, actress Mathira, where they addressed a variety of topics. Roz stated that she had seen something during her time in the profession. That white actresses are given higher importance in our industry.

The actress suggested that if we need black color for a character, then we should offer the role only to a dark colored actor and not to make the white actor black with base or make-up. And then let him play the role.

During the show, Ahsan Khan also agreed with If we need black colour for a part, the actress said that we should only cast a dark-skinned actor in the role and not use base or make-up to turn a white actor black. Then let him act in the part.

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