Photos of Nida Yasir from the set of her upcoming telefilm.

Nida Yasir is now on the set of her upcoming film, Chaker, which she is producing with Farid Nawaz Production Company. Nida Yasir is making her first film as a producer. The film, Chaker, will be released worldwide on Eid ul Fitr. A new film poster has recently been released by Pakistan Production Company, and a trailer will be released in a few weeks. Our film “Chakkar” has a brand new poster. It is directed by Yasir Nawaz, who also stars in the film.

Chakkar is an enigma. Neelam Muneer Khan, Ahsan Khan, Danish Nawaz, Javed Sheikh, Yasir Nawaz, and others star in this Pakistani film. Yasir Nawaz’s past hits include Wrong No 1, Wrong No 2, and Mehrunisa We Luv U.

In a telefilm with her husband and Shaista Lodhi, in which they portray village ladies who are illiterate in English, Yasir Nawaz married both Nida and Shaista in the telefilm but not in real life. Nida Yasir is 47 years old and still looks young.

Nida Yasir’s mother-in-law and Yasir Nawaz’s mother passed away recently, so Nida Yasir wore plain attire to Eid with her family, expressing her pain and grieving for her mother-in-law. Both husband and wife are producers, directors, and actors when Yasir Nawaz shaves and looks like a young hero.

We know Nida Yasir for a variety of skills, including acting, facilitating, and showing, which sets her apart from the rest of the group. Nida Yasir is incredibly lively on social media, where she is adored by an enormous fan base. In general, Nida uses her Instagram account to communicate with her followers.

A 43-year-old Nida with a shrewd appearance and three children, who live with a liberal and renowned family and manages her family and profession in a balanced manner. Yasir Nawaz, a well-known filmmaker, married Nida in 2002.

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