Beautiful photos of Urwa and Mawra Hocane together.

Urwa Hocane, a Pakistani actress, says she was portraying Haniya in the drama series “Mere Paas Tum Ho” and just a few episodes were shot, at which time she had to travel to Punjab to shoot her own film, Tich Button. She was so busy that she didn’t have time for drama. Urwa Hocane claimed that the play’s director, Nadeem Baig, was furious with me for leaving his position.

“When I returned to Karachi after finishing the filming, I apologized to him frequently. Because of my busy schedule, I could not take part in a wonderful drama.” Urwa Hocane, who rose to prominence with the Pakistani drama series “Kahi In Kahi” and the film “Unknown Persons,” has refused to appear in any new projects. Urwa has turned down the role of Azhar in the Indian film “Azhar.”

Many Pakistani actresses are showing the essence of their performances in the Indian film industry, but actress Urva Hussain has astonished everyone by refusing to appear in Bollywood. According to Indian media reports, Urwa Hussain has declined to feature in director Ektakpur’s film “Azhar,” citing the film’s “bold moments” and the fact that it is a Pakistani film as reasons for her refusal. I’m now filming “Jhol.”

Urwa Hocane, a well-known Pakistani actress, model, and producer, states that she sees the aspect of emotion and feeling in any man, and she prefers men who have feelings and emotions. Urwa recently appeared on the ARY TV show “Ghabrana Mana Hai,” hosted by actor and host Wasi Chaudhry, in which she discussed her personal and professional lives.

We may remember that in November of last year, there were rumors of Urwa Hocane and her husband, Farhan Saeed, having a strained relationship and a separation, after which the actress’s mother rejected the news of her daughter’s divorce. The two have not responded to the rumors that have been swirling for months, nor have they shared a photo together on social media, leading to speculation that they have split up.  

When asked why she didn’t act in “Tich Button,” Hocane explained she had no expertise in production and didn’t know how she would act while creating the film, so she had to cast herself in it. We should mention that the Bollywood film “Azhar,” in which Imran Hashmi plays the lead character, is based on the life of former Indian cricketer Azharuddin.

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