Pakistani celebrities who gave birth after the age of 40.

A woman’s ultimate joy in life is being a mother, but for some reason, her work takes precedence over her marriage-even after she’s been married for a long time. It is often assumed that becoming a mother after the age of forty is a challenging task, but these ladies who have achieved success in other areas of life have made this hard challenge easier, and by the age of forty, they had become mothers.

1. Reema Khan

Reema is one of the most well-known actresses in Pakistani cinema, having worked hard and won recognition in the business. In 2011, she married Tariq Shehab, a US-based doctor, after she retired from starring in films. At the time, Reema was 40 years old. Then, in 2015, Allah blessed her with a gorgeous and healthy face. Reema was blessed with a son, Ali Shehab, who proved that nothing is unattainable for a strong woman.

2. Vaneeza Ahmed

Vaneeza Ahmed is a well-known model who needs no mention. She began her career as a model and used her skills to make a reputation for herself in the television and film industries, as well as work as a director and producer. She married Ali Afzal Malik, a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, in 2010. Not long after, Allah graced Vaneeza with a daughter. Vaneeza Ahmed is as sweet and gorgeous as ever, even after the delivery of both daughters.

3. Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Farooqi is a well-known Pakistan People’s Party politician who now serves as a representative in the Sindh Provincial Assembly. In 2015, she married Hisham Riaz Sheikh in a lavish ceremony. At the time of her marriage, Sharmila was 37 years old. Allah blessed Farooqi with a son in the year 2018; she named him Hussain.

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