Beautiful family photos of Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan.

Fatima Effendi, the most well-known mother entertainer in Pakistani showbiz, enjoys vacations with her husband and children in Pakistan’s northern regions. She married Kanwar Arsalan in 2012, and the two are now the official guardians of two kids. Fatima Effendi doesn’t do a great deal of work in the entertainment industry, but she does some amazing dramatizations.

Let’s have a look at the beautiful family photos of Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan.

Fatima Effendi is only 28 years old, but despite her hard work and exercise, she appears to be single. Kanwar Arsalan is an entertainer as well, but he isn’t as well-known as his significant other, Fatima.

Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan are now and then regarded as best Pakistani performers since they have started their own culinary bistro at Boat Bowl in Karachi and are both working on the board. Many of you may know Fatima Effendi’s significant other is a performer as well as a famous and renowned connoisseur master who can easily prepare a wide range of foods.

Here are some more of Fatima Effendi’s family photos taken during different seasons of the year.

Kanwar Arsalan is married to Fatima Effendi, an admired TV actress and model. They married in November 2012 and are having a good time together since then. Almir Khan Arsalan is Kanwar and Fatima’s first child. Now they are a beautiful family of four. 

Fatima Effendi has been married for eight years. She congratulated Kanwar Arsalan on their wedding anniversary, noting that the couple had been married for eight years. In 2012, Fatima Affandi married Kanwar Arsalan. They have two handsome sons. Fatima Effendi is currently acting in a GEO Tv drama series, Chal Jhooti. Adeel Chaudhry, Hamad Farooqi, Sehar Khan, Sami Khan, Kanwal Khan, Ayesha Gul, Farhan Ali Agha, and Yasir Alam are among the cast members of Ali Akbar’s play.

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