Adorable photos of Aiman Khan’s daughter, Amal Muneeb.

Aiman Khan is a fashionable actress and model who has launched her own clothing line “Aiman Minal Closet” with her twin sister, Minal Khan. Aiman Khan has also worked for a number of well-known brands. She has extensive modeling and acting experience, although she has yet to appear in a film. Aiman Khan’s spouse, Muneeb Butt, is much younger than his wife, but they are both happy and living a glorious life. 

Aiman Khan recently took the internet to share adorable pictures of her daughter Amal Muneeb in a traditional outfit. Fans and followers bombarded Aiman’s post with unlimited love and appreciation.

Amal, Aiman’s daughter, is also quite cute and one of the most popular children on social media. She stated that when her daughter matures, Aiman will resume acting in dramas. Aiman Khan’s father passed away a few months ago. They bared to look at some family photos of Aiman Khan with her mother, and she appeared to be quite chubby.

Aiman Khan recently appeared on “Great Morning Pakistan” to promote her fragrance. Aiman mentioned the fundamental components of the fragrance, such as its moderateness, in addition to any remaining advantages and USPs. Aiman Khan has captured the hearts of many young men and men across Pakistan. This lovely lady, however, is no longer single. She is currently married to Muneeb Butt, a beautiful hunk and sparkling entertainer.

Aiman Khan finished her registration in Karachi but was unable to locate her instructional examinations after joining the broadcasting industry. Aiman Khan’s busy schedule didn’t allow for any spare time.

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