Atif Aslam and Aima Baig perform at the Pakistan Super League’s opening ceremony.

Atif Aslam is Pakistan’s biggest celebrity. With his Coke Studio song, his viral PSL Anthem, and his role as Hilmand in Sang-e-Mah, he’s on a roll right now. Atif sang the PSL 7 song with Aima Baig, and the two performed live at the opening ceremony yesterday. Many photos of Aima and Atif were taken on the occasion, and they have gone viral.

The placement of Atif’s hand in the photo drew the attention of netizens: People are swooning over Atif because of how considerate he is to female coworkers and admirers on social media.

Atif Aslam is the greatest singer in Pakistani music. He is recognized on a global scale and represents Pakistan around the world. Because of his fashionable demeanor and lovely voice, Atif Aslam has built a reputation for himself in the Pakistani entertainment world. And he’s been singing for Pakistani theatre and film for about two decades. And his song Aadat, which he sang in 2003, is still quite famous. Atif has the distinction of singing and acting in Indian cinema.

In the year 2021, Atif Aslam, a Pakistani actor, host, and model, was 38 years old. Because of his outstanding personality, he still appears to be an attractive young man. Atif began his married life with tremendous fanfare in 2013, when he married Sara Bharwana. After a few years of marriage, Atif and Sara are the parents of two sons.

Aima Baig is a Pakistani singer who is known for her beauty. Aima recently sang the PSL6 Anthem with Atif Aslam, but most people rejected it and criticized the song’s composition. Aima is the best vocalist and has a beautiful voice.

Aima Baig began her career in 2014 by posting a couple of her incredible melodies on SoundCloud. As a result, she became well known on the internet. Aima Baig was also a part of the popular satire syndicated program “Mazaaq Raat,” broadcast on Dunya News, where she collaborated with some of Pakistan’s best comedians.

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